International Conference of Aerospace Medicine

A virtual conference in 2021 and 2022

ICAM 2021 is a series of webinars created and hosted by the four organizations that came together to orginally hold the First International Conference of Aerospace Medicine in Paris in 2020. The limitations on travel and face-to-face conferences due to COVID-19 resulted in postponement, initially to 2021, now to September 22-24, 2022. Each organization will create and host one or more educational webinars during 2021 and early 2022, with the expectation that we will meet in person in Paris in September 2022.

International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine


The International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine (IAASM) will host a webinar on March 9, 2022. The topic for this webinar is Aeromedical Aspects of Civilian Evacuations: Preparation, Reaction, and Response.

Webinar Flyer HERE

Webinar Details HERE


Aerospace Medical Association

The Aerospace Medical Association and the Mission-Next Foundation will host a webinar on February 26, 2022. Additional information about this webinar and the link to register are found HERE.

The Aerospace Medical Association held two webinars in March 2021 on the topic "COVID-19 Clinical Impacts and Aeromedical Implications for Aircrew Health and Performance". Links to the webinar content are listed below:
     • March 12, 2021 – Part 1 (Neurology, Pulmonology, Cardiology).
     • March 26, 2021 – Part 2 (Post COVID Syndrome, COVID Aeromedical Research, COVID-19 and Aeromedical Implications for the AME and Applicant, Mental Health, March 26 FAA AME Guidance Document).

European Society of Aerospace Medicine

The European Society of Aerospace Medicine’s Academy presented its first 2021 webinar on "Chances of recovery of the aviation industry in light of the latest aeromedical developments of the COVID-19 pandemic". Information about additional webinars will be coming soon.

La Société Francophone de Médecine Aérospatiale

SOFRAMAS hosted two webinars in September 2021 on the topic "Tropical diseases and overseas missions in aircrew: an update in 2021". The first (in French) was on 23rd September and the second (in English) on 30th September. Please see the flyer for more details.
The presentation files are available by clicking here.